Cat Crib.

It’s Sunday. How often does anyone update on a Sunday? Rare for sure.

Yesterday I woke up to what I thought was going to be a day of sitting at home, drinking way too many sodas and watching Discovery channel for way too many hours. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Josh had the wild idea to set up some rain boards and go out and try to get some last minute footage for BEEZ III. I, being the lazy procrastinator that I am, had my doubts – but decided that it would be better than watching the same episode of Mythbusters for the 5th time.

We headed off to Phase II so I could put together a shitter board that I could ruin (Josh already had a complete he aquired through Rob Owens who won it from Greg Lutzka in a game of SKATE). Pussbeard was re-animated for the sole purpose of being waterlogged. We then headed out into the cold rain. We had a great Brownaround sighting and made our way to the first spot and got a few tricks. Falling in the rain isn’t that fun, but we had a great time anyways. We went to some other random spots and didn’t get much footage but it beat doing nothing.

After skating I mentioned brats and Josh agreed, so we went to Pick N’ Save. After being hosed down with AXE body spray and aquiring those tasty meat tubes, we went home, had a delicious dinner in the company of two strange girls (the AXE worked) and watched LABELKILLS (Josh’s choice). Oh, and I did end up watching Discovery channel for about 4 hours last night. They had a few shows about savants that I couldn’t pass up.

Here are some pictures;

My girlfriend and I went to get breakfast yesterday. On the way home traffic was backed up for about 4 blocks and we couldn’t figure out why. When we finally reached the source of the gridlock this is all we saw. A troll walking the wrong way in the middle of a extremely busy street. Strange. On the right is Brown. Not a rare sighting, but definately a good one. He modeled for a picture, then as we were driving off he yelled “SMOKE CRACK” at us very, very loud. Someone told me that he admits to sucking dick for crack, so if you’re ever in the market, get some rocks and head over to the east side for a good time.

Here’s an action shot of Josh chasing me around Pick N’ Save with the AXE body spray. He was aiming primarily for my crotch and was a good shot. It lead to company for dinner.

Time to go to work. Later nerds.