Weekend Schmeekend

Let’s get right down to it…

Friday afternoon I left work, nothing out of the ordinary, and I come home to this:

It appears nothing strange is going on here. Just a happy cat in his homemade cat crib having a great time. But let us take a closer look:

If things aren’t so clear here, let me explain a bit. My upstairs buddy, Roach, is pictured here tantalizing a feline in a box with a cat toy she whipped up in her sewing dungeon. It is obviously inspired by Jackass 2 and and fueled by her love of antagonizing our cats. I guess also her interest in seeing my wiener shredded by dangerous cat claws. Because you see, she intends for me to wear this item with the meat in the silver spandex tube. I haven’t been quite drunk enough to try it yet, but rest assured, you guys will be the first to know.

If that wasn’t enough cat party time for one night, Staci, Roach, and I sat down and worked on the cat crib for two hours. We added two more floors. The third floor is the haunted floor. Fourth floor is the penthouse. It includes real windows with shutters and a fake bird with a wire that you can manipulate from the outside. We’re not quitting until the cat fortress reaches the ceiling.

Later on I rode my bike over to the Art Bar to check out Ben’s opening and hang out with him for a bit. Awesome that he wasn’t even there. Although I guess it is pretty artistic to not even go to your own opening. I waited forever for BeeBee to show up, and we took it over to the regular spot. Only one thing out of the ordinary there:

Pizzy actually showed up! I won’t mention that he showed up half an hour before bar time, and he told me he would meet me at another place that stays open a half an hour longer and then never showed up. My point is: your time with Pizzy can be very fleeting. Don’t EVER take it for granted.

I awoke Saturday to a cold, dreary, rainy day. Stay inside and be a sack of shit all day? No way! We set up some rain boards and got the hell out there.

With such awesome weather, we decided to skate only equally awesome spots. Above: Tim gets wicked as hell with a hydrant handplant rock to fakie. He was complaining the whole time about how sick he was going to get. Which then happened. But he took one for the team, and that’s all that matters.

For the night time I again ended up at the horrible place that will always remain nameless. Our crew did get to meet an amazing new friend though. Check it:

Let’s take a closer look:

Fantastic! I won’t even comment on how many asses danced up on our new buddy. (Male and/or female.) I do think he walked away a few phone numbers richer though.

Sunday I ended up doing exactly what I tried to avoid on Saturday. I sat on the couch and watched literally at least five episodes of Mythbusters. In fact, I sort of fell asleep during a couple of them, so when they came on later I rewatched them to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I wish I had some photos of that scene to share with you.

Photo of the day #26

Sometimes you find a bag of brand new lingere, tags still attached, and things just happen. That’s all.