Check out my Pizzas!

Have I updated this thing since the Mkeskate video premiere? I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to look. Either way, the video was a solid entry in the lexicon of Milwaukee skateboarding cinema. Word is that it should soon be available on DVD for all of your purchasing pleasures. Switzer, would you be open to including some old Milwaukee videos as a bonus on the disc similar to how the Alumni video had a few old Madison videos in their bonus section? Could be radical.

I’m so behind on photo fun. Here’s some recent skateboarding ones:

Pat Forster with a feeble grind pole jam. It was surprisingly hard to get the timing right on this. I guess sort of similar to taking a photo of a nosebonk. In theory it doesn’t seem like it should be very hard, but 20 tries later you’re still trying to get it perfect. That, or my reaction time is off kilter. I might have to play a little more Guitar Hero to get that hand-eye up to par.

Danny Stemper with a pivot to fakie at the local junk skatepark. If you’ve been to this spot you know how gnarly this is. Although, not quite as gnarly as the special “love” notes written in the bathroom stalls.

Same spot, same angle. Huge faux pas. I hang my head in shame. The ‘ol back d is even an rowdier trick though. There’s no deck on top of that thing and I thought Danny was going to disappear into the land of stabbing nails behind it a couple of times. He became a real man when he finally rode away in victory. He immediately waded into the healing waters of the Milwaukee River and slapped a salmon out of the river with his bare hands. Grizz later made a 15 minute long rap about it.

It’s getting cold out again and that returns Old Dude Night back into most important night of the week status. John Rockafellow with a nipple high cannonball in the Cream City bowl.

I’ve had my eye on this gap for awhile but everytime I’ve driven past there’s been cars in the way. On Saturday we happened to be nearby and everything was finally all clear. We dug up some weeds, dodged ladies who love ladies, and spruced the place up a bit with a bent pole Mike Roebke found. Danny Stemper pole jammed into the street at approximately 45mph. Then we went home and ate pizza while watching a documentary about the Who. Gary cried when Keith Moon died.

Don’t forget about the new mini video!