We went to Looneyville a couple weeks ago and had a time that I don’t remember.

Troy was in full effect the entire trip. This is what he looked like.

All I know is that this beer spot was a sign from god.

Ask pizzy how much of this 40 he really drank.

I made a new friend on the trip. There was a Hanson show across the street from the hotel and Troy was making small talk with all the girls. It was weird that most of the Hanson fans were married and brought their husbands along. While Troy did his thing I was busy making friends with a street singer. I gave him a sticker and he made me put it on his head.

We were with a real motivated crew and they couldn’t wait to get it done.

Mike loves his new ribbed condy.

The main goal of this trip was for each of us to finish our own 30 pack of Pabst. This goal didn’t quite happen but some came close. The trip was a major success! We didn’t get kicked out of our hotel, we didn’t get arrested, and Troy got a couple tricks on film. Troy doesn’t slack, tell that to the Chief.