Cookie Conundrums.

Yeah, so I’m not a very good speller. Munz called me out and one-upped my mistake. I’m not sure how, but I think he may have hacked into the site and fixed the error on my update as well. Either way, good lookin’ out Mike, or maybe you have Benson grading our updates? There’s an idea for you.

Those guys over at Milwaukee Skateboarding have a new clip for you to watch on youtube. I think they were at Cream City for “Old Dude Night”. Correct me if I’m wrong, dudes.

A friend of mine is into theatre. No, not movie theatres, (although if anyone would, he would be the guy to pull the old “popcorn trick”) but live, on stage acting and singing and all that. He is also in school and a really funny dude. He emailed me a essay he did and it’s rather apparent that he takes school really seriously. Here is an excerpt from said essay;

This is what else I have to say on the topic. Romans wrestled most of the day.
This left them with little time to pursue interests such as farming or carving
of wood. This is why when you see a wooden carving of say a gnome in a museum
and the card underneath it says