Before I noticed that Tim had been called out and one upped by Munz @ The Plat on his spelling mistake, I had fixed it. That explains the confusion around what will now and forever be referred to as amateur-gate. Just as Munz one upped Tim in this game of intellectual prowess, I will now one up him. Hey Munz, looks like you forgot to close one of your bold tags in your update today. This is how real men close bold tags! Top that!

I was going to post up a link to the new video clip the Milwaukee Skateboarding dudes just put up, but Tim beat me to that. I could try to find a better extreme unicycle video than he posted too, but let’s be realistic here, I would never find one. That leaves me in a tough spot here. Is this awesome enough? What about this? This? Or this? Certainly this? This dude should get together with the dude from the last video and make a video! Throw in this guy for the video of the year. Rad, that should cover my youtube links for the next week.

Speaking of rad, this is pretty much the definition of the word. Also: hilarious. Wait, I hate talking about politics and religion. Oops.

Back to the video clips though, have you ever noticed that the more kooky and out there something or someone is, i.e. the extreme unicycle videos, the higher the chance is that the video clip is going to be filmed using a tripod? Check out that last youtube link I put up, who the hell would ever want to be that kid’s friend? (Read the description he wrote for the video clip if you don’t see what I mean. KOOK.) Same with the unicycle things. Just something I noticed, is all.

Is this update getting too boring? Here’s a picture of Mike doing a pole jam from a couple of weeks ago. Pizzy took it, and as you can see, my stupid ass was in the frame filming.

He was dressed up as Rod Stewart when he took the photo:

I hope it’s nice enough out there tomorrow to film some more pole jams, but I guess it might rain. Shitty.

Photo of the day #35

I’m convinced we skate better spots than anyone else on this planet. You know the drill, don’t even try asking where this is!