This post has been brought to you by (literally) hundreds of mosquito bites and some slightly sore backs.

The word around town the last couple of days has been that the bowls buried beneath the concrete floor at the long closed Turf Skatepark were freed. There has been much speculation over the years whether or not the bowls would be skateable upon the minuscule chance that they would someday be dug out. It was finally time to (kinda) find out.

The Capsule, w/ water.

Overview of the rest.

Digging out lipslide gully. The concrete still looks great. There is quite a bit of water in it where it gets deeper though.

Max Murphy – Pivot Fakie

Tim Olson – Crailtap

Max Murphy – Fs pivot some rubble.

At this point the mosquitoes were swarming and it was time to go. What will happen with all of this this? No one seems to really know.