Turf Time Vol. 2

Imagine what could happen if you had a buried skatepark, fifty, sixty dudes, a bunch of shovels, and a few hours. A lot of sore backs I’d imagine.

Welcome back Turf Skatepark.

Biggest high five to everyone who chipped in. Is it bad to name names? There’s no way I’m going to get everyone, but Mike Beer and Nate killed it. Everyone else did too! Blake, Dave K, Dane Haman, Jesse G, Bill Kaschner, John Gonzales, Eric Risser, Danny Stemper, Photo Mike, Nick L, Dirty Dirtz, John Toms, Tim Olson, Pizzy, Sam Berget, Lenny, Robot, Damien, Jed, Jevon, EVB, Beer Run Kates, Stella, plus a ton more. It’s impossible to mention everyone, but whoever was there, we know something magical happened.

Here’s the news story about us.