Crotch Rot.

12 PM.

So this kid left a message on the message board I created (and destroyed) that went like this;

“Why did Josh get rid of the message boards, really? Those boards have probably been the only thing keeping the site going for years now. Good idea trying to update every hour, but no way are you gonna change the quality of the site. It sucks even more without the boards. I’m not saying that bringing them back would make the site better, but at least there would be a point(sort of) to go to it. Every update on the main page is purely meaningless shit. Other than the rare occasion when there will be an announcement of a video release or premiere, the updates have no substance. We could care less how much a bunch of nerdy fags you guys are, lets see some skating.

Josh had a good idea with letting people submit clips of themselves and their friends. Let’s see more of that kind of stuff. I hate it when I see clips of people who are only on there because they are personal friends of Josh. The site is too humping cliquish.

And the “Moblog”…what the fuck is that retarded idea all about? Some of the photos are interesting and funny, but 90% of it is shit.”

You’re right kid. I could just sit here and give you the old “if you don’t like it, go start your own”, but I’m not going to. I will say this, Wiskate is free. Josh never asked for any money or membership fee to look. He spent time putting up clips of people he likes that he spent time filming. Skateboarding is boring. We could sit here and tell you about who did what trick where and how long the rail was, but it’s just fucking boring. If you want up to the minute news on what belt buckle Bam is wearing right now, go to My point is; we do what we do. You may not like it, but someday you’ll realize everything isn’t about you and your needs.

And for you guys out there who don’t mind what we do here at Wiskate, I offer you this. Thanks for understanding, guys.