Damaged Goods

So if you guys didn’t make it to the Girl demo, you obviously have manure for brains. But if you’ll rewind a bit to the day before, it’s not a regular happening to walk into the skatepark to see Staba administering a beer bong to Devine. Shrug it off, walk over to the mini ramp and see Kostons doing a footplant off the I-beam like it’s whatevs. They bounce, you play “Come Sail Away” a few times to piss everyone off, and you’ve got a recipe for a good time. Back to demo action though, it was off the hizzy, as to be expected. I filmed quite a bit, hopefully I can make that show up on youtube soon. Oh, best part of the demo: no hometown heroes.

On the Lord Cru tip, here’s some random pics from the last while: