It’s a Moral Imperative.

Dang. It’s been quite some time. Lord Cru keeps you guys entertained with his cryptic updates, and sometimes Josh will chime in and link you to a video clip on youtube, but as for me, I just have nothing to say to you jerks.
Today is a little different. Josh guilted me into updating and now I have to come up with some crap to satisfy your puny brains. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

Well, I guess I have manure for brains for not going to the Girl demo. I heard alot about it. I think Josh has some of it on video cassette as well. However, I am willing to bet that gorking out to Bachman Turner Overdrive is way more fun than watching a bunch of dudes try the same trick for an hour.

Right now on our porch is a sweat soaked shirt off the back of Marc Johnson. I am sure our landlord is quite happy to see it every time he walks out of his door. If you can find our house, you are welcome to it. Just follow the scent of dirty cat boxes (but follow the scent north, because if you follow it south you’ll wind up at Pizzy’s house).

Hey kids, here’s a tip: never get a job. It is probably the worst idea ever. If you are under the age of 10, start golfing or playing texas hold ’em. Make it your life and get rich. Work is for suckers. I get to skate twice a week and 50% of the time it sucks because I’m out of practice.

You know what’s weird? I am actually looking forward to winter. That’s because I won’t feel guilty about skating indoors at the best park in the world. Actually, you know what? I’m going tonight. You should too.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by our house. The place is like a museum of crap. Mostly video games, skateboard decks and animals. Get in a quick round of Ms. Pac then watch Drive with 4 cats on your lap. Top it all off with a dip in the kiddy pool followed by a Mythbusters marathon hosted by Josh.
Nothin’ but a good time.

Later nerds.