The dictionary defnition of the word gnar.

No, not narwhals, but I guess if the sea unicorn’s horn was used for purposes such as the link above, you couldn’t end up with that pesky disappearing/rotting problem.

Now that we’ve got those uncomfortable moments out of the way, I guess I’ll mention that the newest video clip that’s on danwolfe.tv is super sick. I see that it’s been on there for a few months, but I hadn’t looked at it in forever. Make sure to head over there and check it.

I also saw a link over at Platinum to a pretty rad site I’ve never seen before called Dudes with Tudes. I wonder if they know that there’s a relatively obsucre N.E.S. game that goes by the same name? Need I also mention that this game totally sucks, but is still fun at the same time? If those dudes are ever in Milwaukee though, they can feel safe knowing that I own a copy and am waiting on the edge of my seat with a controller in hand.