Video Rundown…

Ok, obviously people are too lazy to use the video review thing on the site, and this also includes me, so here’s a little rundown on some new videos…

Satori – Roots and Culture
This shit made me feel irie as hell. You know what to expect, dancehall, reggae, dudes with ridiculous hats, nollie shove its, wall rides….the skating is pretty awesome though. These guys skate really weird spots in original ways. I guess it’s one of those “skate videos for skateboarders” or whatever it is that they say. I definitely recommend it.

Volcom – Chicagof
Volcom has a huge team, so I guess that it’s pretty understandable that they didn’t really cover everyone here due to some guys being super busy with other stuff, or whatever. Who did manage to come up with footy definitely didn’t let anyone down though. Dennis Busenitz’s stuff is absolutely insane. Darrel also has a kind of short part, which I also liked a lot. The video ends with a mini ramp part featuring Geoff Rowley, Tom Penny, and Alex Moul. Rowley is rocking a picture perfect cat burglar steez the entire time. The only thing he is missing is the bag with the dollar signs on it. This video is also worth your attention.

411 – #64
This one is definitely a surprise here. 411 hasn’t put out a good issue in about…40 issues? Something like that. Anyway, they really came through with this one. The entire video is Brazilian skaters, some of which you’ve probably heard of (Fabrizio Santos, Rodrigo Tx…) and some of which you probably haven’t. These dudes seriously kill it, no c grade footage sent in from bored American pros which 411s are usually full of. Another one obviously worth seeing here.