Dead kids don’t get photographed

It’s 6am, I haven’t slept, and that’s fine. Updating seems like the natural thing to do. Today Josh and I were talking about this one guy who has a photo site that’s usually peppered with pics of certain pro skatboarders and various realted hipsters. I don’t want to kiss to much ass or name drop, so I’ll avoid saying exactly who it is, but both Josh and I agree that this guy pretty much rules. In fact, as much shit as people talk, I know that in reality this dude doesn’t give a fuck. Anyway, anarchy.

So I know that Josh said this earlier, but jesus, our friends fucking rule. You don’t believe it?

Camel event at Moct. It was pretty sweet, even if we had to sit in what was equal to a fish tank.


Last stop-Budapest

Here are the last of the pics that I’ll be showing from my jaunt. First a few sights and such. The first pic is outside one of the train stations. When I saw this I thought I’d love it there. It ended up as my least favorite place in Europe.

We booked a hostel, we got a full-on apartment. The guy who ran the deal was this ultra-weird dude from Chicago. He was a U.S. national and didn’t speak Hungarian. It made about as much sense as sticking a toothpick in your pee hole.

They have bmx in Budapest, and by the looks of it they suck just as much as they do here.

This place was insane. All the ledges were waxed, they were granite, and all the wedges created the most insane amount of options. Too bad those banners were in the way. This spot was totally unskateable, and it was seriously one of the best spots I’ve ever seen. The setup went for an entire block.

We skated tonight, Josh got some incredibly good blackmail video bites, and T.J., Stemper and Cap were killing shit.