I’ll Give Your Ass Hell and Charge You Rent.

Another new clip? What is this shit? Are all the CSI’s re-runs? Josh is truly on a rampage and is showing no signs of slowing down. I’m so proud of him.

There is talk over at MKESkate about the possibilty of a contest at the best place on earth. I am against the idea and would opt for a jam, but you know how people want all that glory and recognition for winning. Either way, if it happens, go support the park and the dudes that bring you Milwaukee’s only skateboarding message board.

There is a really good clip up over at the Black Label site. Its a re-edit of Chet Childress’s part from their last video and you should go watch it. Chet rips and so do the Geto Boys.

For anyone on the Myspaz; Gary is fully hooked on it and wants to be your friend. Add him and feel the rush.

There is a party at the High Noon Saloon in Madison this Friday to celebrate Alumni’s 2 year anniversary. There are a bunch of rap acts playing and the whole thing kicks off at 9:30. Call the shop for more info. 608-827-8829.
Congrats dudes.

If you happened to lose your I.C.P. hat, look no further……

And if you want it back, good luck.

Classic Gary.

Later nerds.