“Did You See That Rhianna Video?” “What, Fleetwood Mac??”

I somewhere went awry in my calculations and I have way more days of trip photos than days of the trip. This is supposed to be our last day, but I still have two days worth of photos. I’m not sure how that happened.

A whole day of skating, a whole day of bank to curbs. The world was our oyster, anything was possible.

Attire by the Department of Lolz.

Number one spot of the trip. Breeze Nuts. We all skated it like a mini quarter pipe. Stemper took it to the wall. In every photo of this he has wacky feet like pictured, and he landed it, so that just must be how he does it. Danny Stemper, wacky feet frontside wallride.

We then proceeded to skate a bank to curb for what I would guess was hours. I filmed and filled up an entire tape just at that one spot. My first entire one hour tape of bank to curb tricks. I wish I had some photos of the session. Epic.

The Evolution of a SoCal sunset. The stuff dreams are made of.

I’ll destroy the space/time continuum and post the rest of the days of the trip that didn’t really exist soon.