You Just Do Good Things to Get the Mega Prize in the Sky


We skated a lot and the Sally Jesse’s were brought out and flaunted often. My favorite video spot of the day was the “YEAH OCEAN!” rail from Hocus Pocus. I wish Gabe could’ve been there since there is no bigger fan of T-Mag voice overs than him. I didn’t get any skating photos because I was busy doing the filming.

When we were done with the shredding business, it was time to get down to the drinking business. A bunch of people came over and drinking games were played. One of the rules of quarters was that the next person to get it in had to call Pizzy and give him a whatup. Nevermind that only like four people there knew who Pizzy was. Turns out somehow Bartie got on the phone and told Pizzy “I used to skate you since I was 8, bitch!”. Pizzy was not amused. It’s still my lifelong dream for Pizzy to skate the Pizzy bowl though.

While beer was the number one item to be consumed at this gathering, toast came in as a close second.

I hope you enjoyed the above story of Blue Dog eating toast as much as I did.

Heather had an old photo album that contained this picture of Tim from oh, I don’t know, 12-25 years ago? He’s still got it!

“If you had a Chad Bartie calender this picture would only come up two days a year.”

A trip in the Sienna to Saloon Saloon was in order.

Rusty, Heather, Party, Troy, Party.

“Troy, you got to get wasted, guy.”