Dirty Work.

I love Josh’s renewed interest in the site. And like Josh, I too would like to welcome any and all
SkateboardMag readers. We are going to try to make you guys proud.

I’m sure you all know, but those dudes over at the Cream City are busy building new stuff for us all to skate. Those guys are great and really know how to properly run a skatepark. If you don’t go skate there at least 5 times a week, you’re completely blowing it. Plus, on Saturdays, those dudes from Mkeskate have the weekly game of skate. You can win prizes and secure a spot in the top 8 for the final showdown. That is, if you’re any good. Which you aren’t. Go watch anyway and have a Lost energy drink or two. Bugles are good as well.

Street contests. It was always a strange concept to me. Some of the set-ups were/are pretty wacky. Now-a-days they have some good ideas. Games of skate, lord of the lines, king of the road and all that are amazing and seem more realistic (somewhat) than say some set up like this.
For some reason, I always liked the set up that Gonz skates in this clip;

A wall? They built a wall. Just a wall. That’s rad. The horseshoe curb and PVC slider bar look really fun. I guess that’s just the old dude in me coming out. It’s pretty weird to think that 20 years ago, people could barely ollie over a garbage can on it’s side. Even people like Mark. I’m totally fanning out on skateboarding right now. It’s really the best thing ever.

Fuckin’ Gary photo shoot!

What would an update be without the one and only………..


Later nerds.