Do You Believe In Love

I could talk about the weather yet again. That’s super boring though. For the Midwest this time of year the usual rule is: if there’s no snow, go outside and skate. How about that?

Last Old Dude Night I took one photo. I kind of messed it up, but here it is anyway:

Nathan Heilberger going off the hip and gapping to noseslide on the desk. I was accidentally shooting on ISO100 and was thinking to myself “Wow, these are kind of dark”, and never realized why until later. I’m an idiot.

Skating outside on New Years Eve??? Well I never!!

Pat Forster with a slappy backside 50-50. He said he had done it switch before, probably ten years ago as this is a super old spot, but whatever, I wasn’t there for the photo. Anyway, this spot is as fun as it looks. Except when it’s cold as nails, like it was when Tim and I tried to skate there on New Years day. My head kind of hurt too, not sure why.

I will again try to bring you a few more photos next week. As much as I don’t want to talk about how nice it is outside, the fact remains that we will be skating outside as much as possible this weekend. 50’s in January? Old Man Winter is being a total puss.

Hey dudes, send me more photos.

Another Tj Bohach photo by Eric Risser. I remember how stoked we all were when we first skated this spot back in the day. I’m glad people are still keeping the dream alive. I don’t really understand how people can ollie up onto the bank with enough speed to wallride, but then again, I’m probably just a total puss. Like Old Man Winter. I hope he doesn’t see me talking shit about him on the internet and makes it snow tomorrow. That would be a bummer, that dude has pretty good magic.