IcyHot on the Balls.

After a short hiatus, my computer is back up and running thanks to a generous contribution from someone that shall remain nameless. You know who you are and thanks. I am now running what could be called a “frankenstein” pc. Lots of mismatching parts and a really wonky set-up. I still have yet to install a lot of old programs such as photoshop (which means no photos for you guys today), but I should be back up to update par in no time. Sorry about keeping you guys hanging.

Skating has been happening, but in limited amounts. Josh and I went and skated a spot which is known to some and the “golden spot”. It has actually been around for well over a decade, but now since the business has moved out, it’s fully skateable pretty much any time of the day. Sorry I can’t tell you where it is, but if you find it, you will have fun. Guaranteed. Keep your eyes open.

Josh spoke of our weird winter and I, for one, am happy about this global warming thing. If having mild winters for 30 years means having to drown due to the polar icecaps melting when I am 65, then so be it. Bring it on. It’s a fair trade. Fuck the future generations.

I know Christmas is over, but if anyone wants to get me a belated gift, I really like Nike’s and I wear a ten. Thanks.

Josh also made mention that BEEZ III will be out soon. Take your epilepsy medication, wear some pants with scotchguard and be ready for the future. This video is going to burn out your retinas with pure insanity.


Also dead. Guess who I hated more and win some antacids.