Do You Think It’s Time To Bum Everyone Out Yet??

Lord Cru
I think the lesson to be learned today is, ask where Lord Cru is, and you shall receive an update containing drunken mischief photos. Let me also state that official mischief juice was not involved in this situation at all. Just some smuggled in Sparks and some ridiculously overpriced Pabst tall boys from a shitty bar that shall remain nameless. Cru did forget to mention that on the other side of the fence in the photos is a fifty foot deep pitch black gully. Pizzy trying to throw me overboard was quite the scary experience, but I think I outweigh him by at least 45lbs, so the danger wasn’t quite that clear and not entirely present. I’ve already said on here that the night was great, but seeing the ending presented as a story in photos really kind of did bring a tear to my eye. Almost like when I smacked my head on the frame when I was bursting through the sign like any suburban football hero does before each and every Friday night scrimmage.

Old Dude Night
Should we just rename this site “”? Whatever, I got the goods, here are the pictures I promised yesterday:

As I mentioned yesterday, we had our first pro at Old Dude Night. It was obviously Lutzka, who else would bother to hang out with us douchebags?? Needless to say, but he was totally ripping. Here’s a shot of him doing the fakie frontside flip to frontside boardslide down the rail that Tim mentioned him doing yesterday. Do I have to say that it never takes him more than three tries to land stuff like this? Maybe I’m sucking up to him, who cares. On the right we have the Captain (Nate Heilberger) doing a noseblunt to pop in on the Bulgaria bank. Yes, this trick is pretty damn gnar, yet every single Old Dude Night you’ll see the Captain do a few of them. “I want to be sure I can always do them” he says. In case he’s in Bulgaria randomly or something, I guess.

Here we have a double team of Tim Olson showing us what it’s all about being an old dude. On the left he’s blasting a mute that’s “as high as Greg’s frontside bigspins”. So he says. On the right he’s got a slip foot for us. I think we should all give Tim a hand for truly embodying the true spirit of Old Dude Night. Thanks Tim!


I recently got a pair of Duffs from the mailman to try out. Above you can see Molly beautifully modeling the pair (Sacto’s) in question. As you can see, they are quite similar to the classic Chukka by Vans. So basically, if you’re into the Chukka, this is almost the same thing.

Walking-around-wise they passed every test with flying colors, and since Chukkas are classic, you can sleep well at night knowing your shoes didn’t give you any fashion faux pas points throughout the day.

Skating-in-them-wise, if you’ve ever skated in canvas vans before you already know what to expect. They feel great to skate in, good gripping action on your board and all that sort of thing, but they hold up for shit. I know I’m obviously stupid for skating in them, the result of griptape to canvas friction is well documented in the scientific community: they’re not going to last. I really appreciate the shoes and feel kind of bad for skating in them already, but as a reviewer, I must put them through rigorous testing in every kind of situation a person might run into. What I’m trying to say is, yeah, they got a hole in them already.

To sum things up in the skating end of the shoe testing: if you’re rich and can afford to buy new shoes every two sessions, skate in canvas shoes. They feel great, and you’ll always be flossing in your new kicks. Otherwise, save ’em for walking around, jumping jacks, high school wrestling, pushing down the street to pick up a beer, and possibly dance parties.

More Duffs info will come as I try them out in new and different situations. Stay tuned.

Yesterday we received another box of things to try out from our friend John McGuire aka El Chupacabra aka Peter Cetera. We have not yet had time to swarm upon any of the items contained therein, but I did use the box the items arrived in to make a very easy to solve cat maze for our feline housemates. As you can see, Dug gives the boxes a huge flailing paws up. Great cardboard, A++++++++++.

The Weekend
What does TGIFridays hold in store this week? Tonight, as mentioned way too many times, I have some photos being shown at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Starts at 8pm, ends at Midnight. Come and pull the sweatpants I will be wearing down.

After the show, the world is ours. Or maybe we’ll just go to Planet like usual. Either/Or.

Otherwise, no plans. I suppose you’ll have to hear all about it all and how cool we think we are next week though. Only god can judge us now!

Photo of the day #20

Well I’ll be damned (my Grandpa used to say that all the time). A skateboarding photo as a photo of the day? Unprecedented!

This is Mike Roebke doing a wallride to fakie at that one place we get drunk and rub our behinds together at every Friday night. Including tonight. Anyway, this spot is the worst. Look at how rough the wall is. Not to mention you have to ollie up the curb at speed and somehow make it over the crack at the bottom of the doors without eating shit. Mike is a master at avoiding disaster though and landed this a bunch of times. The footage can be seen in Beez 2: Swarm. Also known as: your favorite video that you’ve never seen.

This also marks me updating 20 (week)days in a row without missing a single one. I don’t think that’s happened since 1999. Congrats, me.