Don’t Call it a Comeback!!

Looks like the Triumvirate is back! The Plat, man, they update everyday, they were holding it down. Dudes is doing pretty well too. Looks like we were the ones holding the power of three back. Sorry guys!

What does this all mean? Will we beging making fun of again? Will Jeff cry? I don’t even remember what the other member of the Biumvirate was. Probably that Great Lake Bears site. No idea. Does anyone even know what I’m talking about? Doesn’t matter. Power of three!!

In other news, it’s now been one month since Cream City has been started. Progress is looking good. Great even. Some solid seshes have been going down to uhhhh..test the new obstacles. This is what we all need, a skatepark designed by longtime skateboarders, and a chance to skate it without fear of getting a bear trap pedal to the shin. So many options, it’s going to be pretty much amazing. Not to mention a game room to waste your quarters. Who is going to be the NBA Jam champion?? Only time will tell. I think there should probably be an elimination tree battle for the victor though. Maybe to coincide with the first contest at the park? Best idea ever??

Other than that…not much else has been going on. Tim has been painting like mad for that gallery show, he hasn’t been over to play Karaoke Revolution in months. Ms. Pacman is so lonely. Even though she’s broken. I guess it’s pretty nice that I have photos in the show, and everyone knows photographers are lazy bastards. I just press a button, print it out, put it in a frame, and I’m done. Lazy.