You’re the one for me, Fatty.

You guys remember this blast from the past!! Enjoy! Safe to say: worst subculture ever??? Absolutely. This part of the site was actually offline for maybe four or five years. Before that it was ridiculously popular. One day it recieved over 10,000 hits. I had to take it offline for that very reason. The site was using to so much bandwidth that our host kicked us off. Anyway, it’s pretty great to look at, shit’s like a throwback basically! Complete with vintage horrible webdesign. Oh wait, that could describe the rest of the site too. Oh well.

Also, Tim and I are having some of our art in a gallery show at Firecracker Studios starting this friday. The opening is on Friday the 2nd of December starting at 7pm. Maybe if you’re in the area you’d be interested in seeing some washed up webmaster’s artwork.

Dec 2, 7pm
Firecracker Studios
1917 Winnebago St.
Madison, WI

Speaking of being washed up, I was just reading through some of the old updates, and man, those were some fun/funny times. I’d like to get the site going like that again sometime. Tim??