Drawin’ Gary’s Wiener at Hensley’s

I have just returned from a trip to San Diego. Looking through the many photos I took, a person would guess the purpose of the trip was to drink as much beer as possible and to go to the beach everyday. My point being, I didn’t really take any skate photos at all. We did skateboard every day though, and that meant a ton of filming. I think I have four or five hours of raw footage of stupid tricks and Troy slamming beers to start going through. So that leaves us with the old wiskate.com standbys of pictures of cats and drunk people. Let’s get on with it:

I flew in on Friday morning and wandered San Diego International looking for the Robust Carn. I found him with way too much luggage and a fold out cot. We waited a bit for John to pick us up, and John did not disappoint. He came prepared with an Australian, a Sienna, and a cooler full of CLs and Sparks.

At the very first spot of the trip, a beautiful and perfect SoCal blue double sided curb, I fell and gave the ground a mega powerful high five. My hand bled forever and I started the daily tradition of ruining my shirt and hurting myself. They were not mutually exclusive, but often teamed up to earn me my “Troll of the Trip” merit badge. I only avoided the badge on a couple of days. Pictured above, my shirt was only about half as trollish as it got that very first day.

After the short skateboarding session, we triumphantly glided along in the majestic Sienna to the local Make Out Point overlooking the crowded beach in Encinitas.

I used to think, as I’m sure you are, that CLs were for the fairer sex, but after our last trip my sensibilities and taste buds have been convinced otherwise. The text on the can isn’t kidding when it says (let me paraphrase) “The most refreshing liquid in the Universe and beyond.”

Since our last visit, the Ezee compound has become a militarized zone. We had come up with a great idea for a timed competition involving a trio of pullups on the Torque Center, sharp shooting CL cans, throwing Chinese stars, and eating lemons from the lemon tree (everything the backyard of the compound has to offer), but we never did get around to it. I did practice my deadeye each morning to prepare, but it was all for naught.

Stemper happily sauntered in a bit after our arrival and was in great spirits.

We then went on one of many beach adventures.

Wiskate.com summed up in just one photo. Thank you outdoorsy beer drinking cat!

No one would explain to me the significance of the curbside oven with fence built around it, but I suppose some things just aren’t meant to be understood.

I was pretty, as they say, off the tits at this point, so I don’t really remember most of the post beach trip to Captain Keno’s. The place seemed to be some sort of restaurant/arcade/gay bar but did not stand out in any of those categories and its true identity remains a mystery to me to this day. Besides the ambiguous nature of the place I only remember very little: people laughing at me because I kept falling asleep in the booth, playing Galaga, an entirely unneeded round of Tom Collins from the Chancellor, and the best part:

This plate of grilled cheese and fries appeared before me without any want or effort on my part, and it was at that moment in time the most perfect thing that could have ever happened to me. I’m sure some of you can understand.

That concludes day one of the journey. Day two will soon follow with completely exciting and entirely different photos.

Unrelated, but here’s a review of Beez I-III DVD as it appeared in a recent issue of Low Card.

Seeing our stupid videos mentioned in print always feels like some sort of great trickery. We’ve had some other good shout outs recently which I’ve yet to get scans of, and an even better one still in the works. The Swarm salutes (stings?) these efforts!