“Eh, you’re still my favorite”

Skateboading is a great way to hang out with the bros and get rad. That captain is something else. Larry kills riverside. Magna can wallride anything. Gabe can do neat tricks. Melcher is still my favorite.

Now that I have the essentials out of the way, time for the weekly nonsense. I have to do this a little earlier than usual as I’m going out of town for the better part of two weeks and I won’t have much time in between to update. NOTE: If you come accros someone floating in a lazy river in a planned community in North Carolina, leave him/her alone. It’s me and I would prefer it if I were left to my own devices. What exactly do I mean? Actually, it’s only 11 days.

Friday night was my last MP for a few weeks, and I had to make it really special. It would be putting it lightly to say that things got a little out of hand. The short story goes something like this…Bomb’s, Bee Bee, Hips or Lips, Mini, Magna, Bob, Mike, Milki, broken camera, broken dreams, memory loss, three way fall on the dance floor, creepy photos and getting to know what a lawn really looks like. Everyone came through, and I have to give a special thanks/apology to Magna and Mini for taking care of me/putting up with me. It was really nice of them not to let me rot.

This week’s rad items-cougars, leisurely ladies, acai, kale, biscotti, Johnny Depp, Infoshop back in action, new banksy book in the mail, wonky, becoming a total flake and no TV…it feels really good.