Michael Hutchence Died While Beating Off.

A post from Lord Cru with no mention of skateboarding? Not good. One must re-align one’s priorites.

So I have lived in my new house for a little over a week now and things seem to be going well. The cats are adjusting, Josh is adjusting and the neighbors have already seen me having sex. Weepy the WeeWee is top dog in the house and no crotch is safe. Just ask Cru. Or Pizzy for that matter (although he willingly takes it in the face from Weepy).

Lots of skateboarding news. Well, none actually, but we’re still getting out there and making it happen for a certain video that I can’t tell you what it’s called or mention anything about it only that it’s a video and it might be out sometime and might have skateboarding in it. Other stuff too, maybe. But I have said too much. If there’s a video ever, I will tell you about it after you already have seen it, otherwise I would be ruining it for you.

Did you guys know that I collect skateboard decks? No? Well now you do, so if you have any you don’t need or want, that I may be interested in, email me at larrydallas@gmail.com. Thanks.