Fallen Tattoo cont….

So we looked up the girl with the Fallen tattoo on myspace… and of course just like the rest of the world she had one. The real great thing was I looked at her blogs and this is what she wrote:

Friday, February 11, 2005

New Tattoo
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Ok…i’m sitting here thinking about getting a new tattoo..I have one Fallen tattoo and one Hurley tattoo…I’m getting some free gear from Fallen Shortly, and I had emailed them telling them I was going to get another Fallen tattoo..I’m going to get one, but where and what should it look like?? I found this awesome picture of Jamie Thomas on the fallen website..and it was showing one of his fallen tats..I was thinking of getting “FALLEN” tattooed on my ribcage..like my side going downwards..What do ya’ll think? It would only be an outline..not coloured in though……



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