Superman III Is, By Far, The Best Superman Movie Ever.

A while ago I emailed 88 footwear to try to get a Neil Blender interview (he is one of my favorites). It obviously would never happen as Neil is a pretty elusive guy, but Lance Conklin said he could maybe get me a quote. Today, (two months later) I recieved this email;

[i]”Rock N Roll!
Nb swift, mountain”[/i]

Kind of cryptic. Not sure what to make of it. Either way Neil rips. Go buy his new board on Red Kross and hang it in your house forever.

Josh Bellew sent me this link to some little kids sponsor me video. If they sponsor kids solely based on pyramid skating, this kid may just stand a chance. Too many amazing kids coming out of the clone factory. I weep for the future.

Hey, do you guys like mac-n-cheese? Me too, and I think I am going to gristle some right now.

Later bitches.