Fish Mish, 04. Lake Sesaganaga, Ontario Canada.

This is my first fly-in to Sesaganaga. The fish were a little slower this year, but it didn’t stop me from catching the lunker of the trip. It won me 80 bucks, and bragging rights. If any of you kiddies can match a 43 inch or larger with that much girth I’ll give you a Mr. Twister frog floater deck. Please send pictures to wiskate and you can bring home the glory yourself!

{nl}{nl}The pictures tell the story. Click to enlarge them.



It’s all about ball bearings these days. Mr. Twister is unmasked!

Milt and hippo hitting the sack.

Rusty Meyers (check out the website!)

Big bloody gusher.

I’m in a bind.

Waiting for the fryer to heat up.

DJP stringing it up.

22 and 23 inch walleye. Good eaters.

Gut Rock Island.

Harry and Milt, proffessional walleye fisherman.

Sunset, Lake Sesaganaga.

Award winning sunset!

Woodland caribu. Did three laps around him in the boat.

Chomp On This.

Outside the Blue Oyster.

39 inch number 3 mepps caught in Dustin’s bay.

43 inch, no leader, first cast with a mepps. Check contest above.