Goodbye Horses

Bratgate Day 3: Still haven’t seen Tim since the day before yesterday. He called yesterday and was claiming he was going to come over and play some DDR to dance dance off some of the weight he’s gained since going bratatarian (kind of like rastafarian, but with less Jah). He never did show up. Today he ims me and said he didn’t feel good, so he didn’t come over. My theory is that he had too many, or too few brats.

Once you go brat, you can never go back!

Damn, that’s one hell of a lunker that Mr. Twister caught. He needs to put that up on It could only get 10’s straight across the board. Tim is working hard at, which sadly, isn’t much like And no, that last one isn’t about roosters, so don’t peep that with mom (she’ll get stoked) or dad (what the hell, he’d probably be stoked too!) around.

Update! Rate Mr. Twister’s fish here!!!