…Friday I’m in Love.

Oh I have tons of skating news! You fill in the blanks…

Some one is on a skateboard team.

Some dude got dropped from a wheel company

A truck company went under cause it’s lame

It’s January.

A kid got heckled cause he skates mongo.

There is this one Am… He’s better than most Pros.

An awesome video is out.

I know a kid that can _______ better than _____.

Someone signed a new TV deal.

Holy balls is it slow for skate news in this neck of the woods. If anyone wants to go skate… I’m serious here, email me. I want pictures of people skating when there are nice big snow piles out. Nothing says Midwest better than tricks over snowbanks with people throw snowballs at you while dodge falling icicles trying to keep your grip tape dry while avoiding black ice, salt granuals, and sand. Oh and bring a sign, you’ll need it for the crack. Sam McGuire beat me to it and got some goodies down in Iowa. See ’em here and here. Still not as good as this day though.

And I leave you with this photo of Hurvey Haskins. Anyone that knows Hurvey knows he’s the “Quiet Riot”

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