Off The Turd.

Josh’s last update was really weak, so I thought I would come in and give you nerds something a little meatier to read (and watch).

I will start with a clip of Milwaukee’s finest; Danny Stemper killing the big bank to wall at Cream City.

Too bad youtube makes everything look like shit, you can barely see the board flip.

Every time he would try and bail, his board would shoot under the stage where the scrubba was. He had to go and climb down there and get dirty just to get back up and go at the kickflip wallride again. After all was said and done, he looked like this;

Stemper rules. If anyone from any board company, wheel company, truck company, shoe company, backpack company, brewery, etc, etc wants to hook him up, let me know. He definitely deserves it. I will make sure he knows. Thats right, I am now his agent. And I take 20%.

The dudes over at mkeskate have a new buddy updating for them. I am going to out on a limb here, but I am guessing he is related to Mr. Twister. Just a hunch.

Munz is back from Tampa, so I am sure he will be updating like crazy over there at The Plat. Don’t let me down Mike.

Fuckin’ Gary. Whoa.