Full-Time is a Plague

It’s summer in the MKE and that means it’s time to dance….or does it mean that it gets really hot and hard to skate because the swamp-like conditions make it dreadfully unmotivating? Last weekend was great. Didn’t get as much skating in as we could have, but certain members had to feed raw meat to tigers, and that’s as good a reason as any not to skate. Riverside? Yes, it may have happened..but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds.

Today is the Emerica demo. Should be a good group of guys, if only the yokels will stay out of the way and not embarass themselves as they did with the Nike team, shit should stay pretty smooth. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend…someone has to grip boards and such. This week’s update will be a little shorter as there is not much to report, but I will add the essential weekly rad-bits…

This week ladies of leisure are still topping out the list, with text updates from the bar as a close second (Smiths night?). Next we have the 3 for $2 book sale, pics of my dog, riding bikes to planet with pabst in hand, getting O’d up on the dance floor and black cut-off’s. That’s what rules this week…Amazing!