FYI – Touchin’ Bottoms

I had a bunch of ideas for topics for updates. I could talk about Cru’s political post, some other things too, but whatever, I’m lazy. Plus, I hate politics. More than someone serving me a plate of dog poop for breakfast. That much! I’m not going to tell you to vote either, because you either have Democrat A or Republican B, and what really differentiates them? How much either thinks Jesus is rad, and how much they don’t like gay people/women? That’s about it. I guess each goes hand in hand anyway. So fuck it, vote, don’t vote, I don’t care. God, that’s way too close to talking about politics.

I mentioned Steve and Justin coming into town this weekend. They’re doing a presentation and q&a at a place in Madison called Design Madison. So if you’re in that area, go give your support. Here’s a link to more info. I guess dudes are design rockstars or something, but I just want to sing karaoke with them.

Steve just told me that Tim claims he’s going to come out Friday night with us. I’ve never heard a wilder claim in all my years! I’m positive they don’t serve Seagram’s at the bar, so I guess Tim would have to try to sneak it in or something. That guy Tim though…man, I’ve never seen someone so bummed about buying himself a new phone. I was almost convinced he was going to cry because he thinks the new phone is too “gay” or “femme” or something. All you other Nokia Razor owners out there, email him and tell him that it’s 100% manly to own one and that he doesn’t have to fear for his sexuality. Otherwise I’m going to have to take him fishing with a 30 pack of Old Style and a tin of chaw to bring the testosterone back up to acceptable levels.

I claimed I was going to post an embarrassing photo of him skating today and he claimed that such a thing didn’t exist. Fifteen minutes into the search, and I got bored, so here’s a picture of my highest score ever in Donkey Kong 3 instead:

Gabe posted a new skate video clip he threw together up. I’m super stoked on it because:
A – Mall skating. Every skater’s dream. How many rad ledges and banks have you seen in malls and wished you could skate them? He made it happen.
B – Super random Milwaukee spots.
C – Extreme hype after doing a chainsaw to fakie.
D – No fear of doing wacky moves.

Plus I filmed probably 15% of this stuff, so I have to be into it. Check it out here. Unless he gets bummed for some reason that I linked to it and deletes it. Then uh, don’t.

I’ll save the other stuff I was going to talk about for tomorrow.

Photo of the day #37

Tim claimed in his previous post under the slightly embarrassing picture of me doing a pole jam that we skate junk. While that pole is pretty shitty, here I have an example of what skating junk is really about. Pat Forster frontside pivots on the best skate obstacle in the planet. This is actually the same place in NYC that burned down earlier this year that I talked about here in this post.