I Love Eating it Randomly.

It’s been a couple of days since my last update and nothing has happened. That’s what fall/winter provides for us – nothing.

I liked Lord Cru’s politically driven update. I didn’t like that he basically called me a hypocrite. Come on Cru, wouldn’t you say I am more of a Ross Perot? An eccentric rich guy with a thirst for power? Or maybe even a Jesse Jackson? You know how I roll Cru, don’t front.

The last time we skated found us lurking the east side and basically skating garbage. Do you expect anything else from us anymore? I didn’t think so. We always have fun though and that is what’s important.

This is the only good photo I got last time we skated. It’s a mini pole jam from Josh. I told you we skate garbage. I personally invite anyone out there to come skate with us and have the time of your life. It will have to wait until spring though. Email me and make an appointment.

Those dudes that are doing Milwaukee Skateboarding, are straight killing it. They sent me a photo and I like it, so here you go.

I dont know who the skater is or the filmer or the person that took the photo, but those dudes probably don’t care about all the props and this photo pretty much sums up what they do. Skate, film and have fun. Keep up the good work guys.

I am kind of bummed that Munz is treating The Plat like a red-headed stepchild since starting his blog over at SkateboardMag. Don’t forget about your first-born, Mike. Benji must have another site as well.

These dudes are the best. Jim, you are not allowed to move away. Period.