Give ‘Em the Gary.

What a fantastic day. Nothing beats getting up early, biking to the corner store, getting and drinking a Sparks, going to a flea market, meeting up with a tight crew and skating until you get flooded out by an insane storm. That is; nothing beats that except grabbing your bmx bike and going out in said storm with a couple of friends, bombing around town looking for the deepest puddles (in this case virtual lakes) to ride through. Highlight of my summer thus far for sure.

Here are a few pictures from today that had to do with the skating part.

I don’t know why we ended up at the Domes ledges, but Max and T.J. raged it. Max smith grinded it and did some other stuff.

Like I said, T.J. raged it too. This is the second half of a 5-0 to switch crooked grind to fakie. He did other things as well.

You will see it all whenever this lazy pile decides to capture the footage and make a mini video for you turds.

Summer has just begun, don’t be afraid of the heat and take advantage of every minute life offers you from now until the snowy season.

Later nerds.