Happy Chewbacca

I had Friday off of work, so Stemper and I took advantage of it and skated all day in the perfect weather and got a ton of footage. He had to have at least gotten five lines and ten clips throughout the entire day. We even ran into Marques DeVaughn at a spot and I filmed a new clip of him. I hadn’t filmed Marques in years, so that was fun. I was way too busy filming the whole day and didn’t take a single photo. Sometimes it has to be one or the other, I guess.

As mentioned, our Lord Cru is soon moving to a fabled land in the east. Friday night was yet another going away gathering for him at that stupid bar we always go to with the dumbass music. It was actually awesome and fun, don’t get me wrong, you just have to go with the flow, mostly.

Ahhh, homerun! What a happy boy!

Even Tim came out of his shell for a night of fun. Luckily the dude was there, and holy crap he was going off. Stemper once pulled him off his barstool during a Madonna song and said “The Dude, we need you out here, I know you can kill it!!”. Needless to say, The Dude killed it. We also all got to live the wild life and do The Dude’s patented Rock the Casbah dance along with him. It’s something I will always remember and cherish until the day I die.

If it wasn’t Cru’s going away party (part 4) and The Dude wasn’t there I would have to award Happy Chewy the party animal of the night award. I’m just going to have to call it a threeway tie to belay any controversy. I think Happy Chewy did get to touch way more tits though.

I can’t resist taking a closer look. Look at how happy that guy is!

Stemper slept on the couch and we got an early start on Saturday. Above he is bonding with his future fur son, Fake Gary. Fake Gary says he cannot wait to go home with Daddy Stemper and get to sleep where it is dry!

It was just a Chewbacca sort of weekend, I guess. The more we partied the less Stemper killed it on the skateboard though. Friday, lines, clips, everything. Saturday, I think he got like one clip and half a line. Kids, take this to heart! Stay away from Happy Chewbacca! Cru came with us for his last “skateboarding all day with the dudes” day. He was so sad that he had to shed a nostalgic tear. Or maybe he was laughing so hard that he was crying because Tim yelled in a super gruff voice at a couple as we drove past “You better wear a doad, she looks sketchy!”.

I hate how fisheye photos look on a crop frame camera, but what the hell, my 5d isn’t ready yet and I have a 15mm fish, might as well use it. On the left Gabe Chan switch frontside crooked grinds to fakie on yet another stupid spot we just found and will probably end up skating every week even though everyone hates it. Why not, right? The spot is in a five block radius filled with like ten other spots of the same crappy variety, so it works out perfect. On the right, Cru was so bummed on the spot that he melted down, focused his board, and then sat in the car with his robo eyes. Sorry your last skating day ended at a pipe on a wall, Cru!

I guess the pipe on the wall took its toll on everyone. Here Tim surveys the damage Stemper took to his Fake Gary petting arm while skating the aformentioned spot.

I forgot to mention that Pizzy melted down at the spot too. He also focused his board and here he focuses his fingers. Tone down the rage, Pizz!

To be continued…