He Tried To Grab My Wad.

I know it’s still technically Saturday, but since everyone is watching one of my favorite new movies that I just watched yesterday, I thought I could spend some time talking about my weekend.

Last night was supposed to be spent awkwardly skating for some girls that do some sort of naughty magazine, but instead I spent it at home watching Tuff Turf with my good buddy Neal. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night in comparison to a pseudo porn shoot. I even saw what could be argued as the best episode of Americas Funniest Home Videos to date. Then to top it off, a really good episode of To Catch a Predator. Bored of my ramblings yet? Fine, then I will switch gears and give you a photographic essay of my Saturday thus far.

Josh and Lord Cru were arguing all day about who knows what, but came together in this photo of Cru’s backside 5-0. In less than two weeks, Josh, Cru, Queen Owl and I will be swooning over the man on that poster in the photo on the right. Don’t think I’m not giddy just thinking about it right now.

Uh, yeah. So we went to this super fun spot we like to call “feasters” because it reminds us of the kind of spot Jeremy Klein would skate in an old Birdhouse video. I had a good time and I got a couple of photos too.

Toby found a bunch of crap in the dumpster while waiting for us to go to a spot where he could maybe get some photos and came out wearing some sort of mylar cape. Josh approves. Neal backside flips on the bank like he was 16 again.

Neal acting like a kid again. He and I would spend hours in the street in front of his house practicing to stand on one hand with a skateboard in the other. But only when we weren’t flying off a jump ramp and smashing our knee cartilage into little pieces. He obviously can still do all that crap.

Just because you wear a shirt with Melissa Manchester on it doesn’t necessarily mean you like Melissa Manchester. Same goes for Neal and his shirt of choice for today (and last night). Here he is gearing up at Pick ‘N Save for the first official brat grilling of 2007. Josh got into the spirit and geared up in his own way for the festivities. By the way, the brats were delicious.

Lord Cru bailed, Gabe showed up, we decided to watch Tuff Turf again and here I am now.

I can’t wait to hear how my dudes did at Top Shop. I hope the constant cracking of Pabsts didn’t hinder anyone’s performance.

Later nerds.