Thomas, you’re a butler – BUTT OUT!

The new bowl at Cream City, one more time:

I sat there and stitched together three photos for this, so there was no way I wasn’t going to post it even though Tim and Mr. Twister already have posted their own pictures of it. This thing is fast as nails and you would be somewhat less wienery if you came and skated it. Often. You think all that Pabst that they drank while building it was free?

Onward to the weekend:

Friday night was of course adventures at the Murder Barn. It was billed as some sort of sexy fiasco, but in the end turned out pretty normal. I somehow forgot to get new goat pictures, so we’ll have to go with the next best thing. On the left is Lord Cru doing a speedy smith grind. It’s not that different from a goat picture anyway, they both hate pork rinds. At right Uncle Vinnie gets his photo incentive from Groppi’s Deli with a kickflip fakie. I kind of messed up this photo and tried to think of a way to crop it for quite some time but just ran with it anyway. Sometimes you gotta.

After I got back to the house, Tim and Neal were sitting there on the couch and contemplating the life lessons they learned while watching the 1985 James Spader classic Tuff Turf. I’m not sure why, but they insisted on calling me Maricon while dancing maniacally and wearing these weird tank top half shirts. The suggestion was then made to watch a spectacular looking vhs tape I had recently picked up at the thrift store but didn’t seem to work. My semi drunk brain decided it would be a good idea to blow into it like you would a poorly working Nintendo game. I gave it a try, popped in the tape, and lo and behold two oiled up twin brothers appeared on the tv screen. What better way is there to end a Friday night than watching The Barbarians? I can’t even begin to explain how ridiculous/awesome/mind blowing this movie is, so how about you view this youtube clip for reference:

I’ll throw in this Tuff Turf clip to make Tim happy. The girl in the grey dress being forced to dance is him dream girl.

God, I would give anything to have a night like that!

Since I’m sure none of you care at all about any of the shitty 20 year old movies we tend to watch (including Lord Cru who said that he hated my last update), here’s a little something we can all agree everyone cares about:

Double Gary! I mostly just hate when I don’t have two vertical images to put next to each other, so Double Gary was born. Just run with it…

Tomorrow: pictures of wallrides and brats. Weird!