He Wiggled Them Around, Then I Heard the Ripping Noise

I think I’m slowly getting caught up on the photo situation here, but getting caught up on that is making me fall way behind in the footage capturing department. Gary needs to start earning his kibble by logging footage when I’m at work. I guess every file would be named “mrrrrrrreeeowwwwwewww.mov”, so I suppose it wouldn’t be that helpful after all.

These photos are not from last Saturday, but the one before that. We started the day with a trip to the ever lovely 7 Mile Fair. On my previous expedition I returned home bearing (what I thought was a) human skull, an instructional freestyle skateboarding video tape, and one of those models of a horse where you can see all the organs inside. A very successful mission. This time my only discoveries were a mint condition Journey – Escape headband, a 3d kitten photograph, and a cow rib for Wonky.

Afterwards, Tim and I met up with Max, Jack, and Pizzy for some skateboard fun.

Tim Olson – 5-0

Pat Forster – Hurricane Grind

Max Murphy – Crooked Grind

I can’t remember what we did after that, but I bet it was relatively radical.

John McGuire had the below Youtube clip waiting for me in my email box this morning. It features quite an adventurous young man exploring terrain never visited by Homo sapiens (spell check wanted me to change “sapiens” to “thespians”). I present to you: the Sir Edmund Hillary of flatbar skating.

I’m totally backing Gou’s skating but I’m totally hating on the wacky editing of that clip. Is it bad enough to ruin it? Not at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a great fan of wacky editing. But there’s clearly such a thing as good wacky and bad wacky. I’m leaning way towards the latter here. Nevermind that, the skating is great. Tim and I romantically watched it together sharing many lols, I hope you will do the same.

I’ll leave you with this item that may or may not soon be available at your local skateshop.

I just missed out on Blind jeans by the smallest margin, I better climb onto this bandwagon asap.