The Pulling Wasn’t Bad At All

This weekend two more tapes were added to the “need to capture” pile of tapes on my desk. The pile now stands at six tall, and Gary isn’t making it any smaller. Not only that, but the new Intervention is about to come on and I’m in dire need of a sandwich. So basically I have to finish this update asap, go buy a sandwich, and then get Intervened.

My point being, I don’t feel like sitting at this computer. Should I also mention that it’s perfect skateboarding weather outside, and has been that way for the last few days? I have to report that this last weekend’s shred was quite memorable. But it’s not time for those pictures yet, still playing catch up.

This is a new little guy that has won everyone’s heart with his fantastical and mythical beauty. He doesn’t live in my house, only in my heart.

Russ came and djed with me two weeks ago at the Cactus Club (I’m there every Monday 10pm), and I’m happy to report he didn’t bum anyone out with his dick ass music. He did great! I taught him how to control those record player things, and he did so without much difficulty and we all had a great time. In fact, I have to go do this myself in a couple hours. It will not be as fun, because Russ will not be helping me this time. This is why I cry.

I will leave you with another part from the video I posted in my last update. It features a little of the “If Richie Jackson Were Japanese, Not Nearly As Annonying, And Had Just Watched Beez For Three Days Straight” guy and a whole bunch more of his wacky buddies. Plus the editing isn’t as stressful. A+

Sandwich retrieval mission time.