Hey, Check This Out

I just went in the bathroom to brush my teeth and my toothbrush was swarming with fruit flies. I don’t know what kind of witchcraft is going on here, but it really bummed me out. Now I’m going to have to go to the store after this and get a new one. Otherwise, I’m just trying to catch up here.

You might remember that dude on the left. I think he was here to make poop or borrow a shirt, maybe both. He’s doing great in NYC, FYI. The dude in the middle is very whiny. So is the one on the right.

A few weeks ago Tim was too hurt to skate, so we just went to a bunch of thrift stores and wasted money on stupid crap instead. On the other hand, of course the Thriller jacket is most definitely not a waste of money. It was priced a little high, but when I got to the register the gods smiled upon me and I was charged a paltry $1.99. The negative is that I greatly fear I might get jacked for it like I was wearing a Starter Raiders jacked in 1995. Check out how much these things are on Ebay…

The sort of still life you might find in the Horny House.

I haven’t had a section of photos like this in so long. Stemper and the Dude know how to create a night that you’ll remember forever. Or maybe not at all the next day. It doesn’t matter.

Vance claimed wearing the giraffe mask was “the most fun I’ve had in so long!!”. It’s the small things that really make life so beautiful.

After Vance went off to the Boris show on his own, we decided it would be a great idea to take a spooky bike ride down the ridiculously pitch black bike path that runs to downtown from near the Horny House.

Everything started off well and fine and extra dark and spooky…basically the time of our lives.

This clever juxtaposition shows how well it all turned out.

Time to go get a new toothbrush.