Zero & Mystery Demo + Video Premiere
Saturday, June 30th 6pm.
Cream City Skatepark

It’s summer and the living is good.

I’ve cooked out the last 6 out of 7 days and my carbon intake is at an all time high. I’m thinking about just moving my bed and the tv into the backyard. Might as well. I should probably mention that all of these pictures are from last Tuesday. Tuesday is an official skate day, so the rest of this post will be huge skate photos.

A stupid hippy jump for a stupid spot. By Danny Stemper, of course.

A rare moment on Tuesday when Tim wasn’t breaking my video camera. Frontside Rock.

Danny opted to go over the hip and lipslide.

We later took it to Cream City for Old Dude Night and Bill Kaschner was smith grinding the deep end of the bowl like a maniac.

Then we took it over to the rail and Bill did this terror filled nollie tailslide.

That’s it for today. More huge skate photos later this week.