A Kid That Tells on Another Kid is a Dead Kid

I was bored and got to looking through some of the archives. A self invited/thrown nostalgia party, basically. That made me realize I hadn’t added anything new to the Classic Articles section of the site in a while, so I went ahead and threw some stuff in there. Hopefully this will help you waste some time at work:

Summer 2006 (Originally Posted: 2006-07-17) – Lord Cru held the site down for the entire summer. No one else really updated at all, but Cru wasn’t going to go down without a fight. What a nice guy! Related articles: Free Ticket to Anywhere,Attaining Total Douche Status,Between the bad poems, alcoholics, and pills, I hope I make it out alive.,Let’s get out of this country,Don’t care for white people so much…,My new friend is an real live nihilist
Sexmergancy – 911 4 Horny (Originally Posted: 2006-08-24) – The orgins of a mysterious creature: The Jerkin’ Sanji.
Hurry Up and Die (Originally Posted: 2006-08-25) – The culmination of years of work, years too late. Where skate videos go to die: Youtube. Hurry Up and Die was my “serious” skate video that never really came out. Read about it and watch it here.
Teethy Teef (Originally Posted: 2006-09-12) – Wisdom teeth stories, a story in photos that goes along with Mini Video 35 and 36, and weepy weeping right into Pizzy’s mouth. Actually the update that kind of started the revival of wiskate (the fourth time). Related articles: Your girl is wet like a seal.,Hot Oven Toasted Subs Are Here!
Homesick in my Hometown (Originally Posted: 2006-09-21) – Lord Cru chimes in with some stories about teaching his students and how awesome they may or may not be. I’m mostly a fan of this post because of the final picture. A picture that he told me to never show anyone, and then proceeded to show the world. The culmination of a summer becoming a douche: Making out on the dance floor while simultaneously talking on a cell phone. Amazing!
Tapirs In Space (Originally Posted: 2006-10-06) – Quite possibly the longest update ever. Plus it has a really good airwalk photo. That’s reason enough.
Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret (Originally Posted: 2006-10-09) – Memories of one of my top favorite weekends ever! Maybe it can be yours too. Related articles: My Tits Itch,We’re both doing the same thing, only mine’s not a douche…
Do You Think It’s Time To Bum Everyone Out Yet?? (Originally Posted: 2006-10-13) – Art shows, product reviews, and old dude night photos. Solid combo. Related articles: Soggy Bread Is My Greatest Fear,Pizzychu, Pizzychu – Please Don’t Miss!,Pizzychu, Pizzychu – Give Me a Kiss!!
11 Furys in 3 Days (Originally Posted: 2006-10-19) – Tim describes another Old Dude Night at Cream City skatepark. Tons of photos of people not doing ollies.
Cat Crib (Originally Posted: 2006-10-22) – How can I not be into an article that features a great picture of Brown Around Town and a photo of me running through a grocery store while spraying Axe Body Spray all over the place?
Weekend Schmeekend (Originally Posted: 2006-10-23) – Features the famous Elliott shredding the manties photo. Plus the weird wet dude at that stupid bar. A good one.
Horny House Pet Extravaganza! (Originally Posted: 2006-10-24) – Tim introduces every single one of our pets. Required reading if you hope to keep up to speed in the fast paced world known as wiskate.com.

We were really on the ball there for a few months. Multiple updates everyday. Lots of stupid and funny pictures. It kind of bums me out that we don’t keep the site up like that anymore, but it is a ton of work. Maybe these will be a sort of inspiration to us all!?

What would an update be without a photo?

In February Rainbow Sanji blessed my plane with his rainbow aura incantation for a safe trip home. Thanks, man!

Right now I’m so into: grilling out, the backyard, brats, burgers, the weather this week, the movie “Over the Edge”, drinking outside, Fake Gary, Canon 5d, and this playlist:

’til next time…