Hung Outrageously To Score

The lack of hard drive space in my life has really been bringing me down. Every time I want to import some photos or capture some video, I have to delete something from my vast collection of America’s Funniest Home Video wacky cat montage videos I have amassed. Totally annoying. At least that’s my excuse for being so lazy lately. What’s yours?

Tim Olson with a classic crailtap. I might vote this best spot on the East Side. It’s up there.

Soon after we took this photo, Max brought over a VHS tape featuring his 14 year old self skating. The entire tape consisted of him lipsliding this rail. Total running time: 6 seconds. Great video.

Matt Nordness, backside noseblunt at the URBAN hotspot. This photo was actually taken with my many years old 6 megapixel Canon Rebel. The 5d mysteriously broke between taking the above picture of Max’s lipslide and taking the camera out of my camera bag a couple days later. A pin in the memory card slot was broken off. How? I blame Gary.

Ass to ass, flesh to flesh, four dudes on a moped, that shit is the best!