I Am Locutus of Borg

Dang, somehow both Tim and I both forgot to update yesterday. While it was pretty unacceptable, Lord Cru was there to cover for us. Thanks Cru, you can add to your list of coaching responsibilies: backing up Josh and Tim when they are too “sick” to update the site.

How about a recap? Monday was actually a rather eventful day. I woke up to find my car with a parking ticket. Pretty lame, since I bought the year long parking permit, and somehow it has disappeared. When? How? No idea, yet still a stupid development. Work came and went, as usual. Nine years on the same job kind of leads to just breezing through and not even really noticing it. After I got home I cracked open a Tilt and me and Tim headed over to the skateshop. As he scrounged for griptape scraps I had my second sandwich of the day. I’m hoping to get the average up to three or four sandwiches soon, but it’s not the easiest task. We skated for a bit, Tim got pissed, and then we went over to a neighborhood watering hole where in 45 minutes I watched Tim drink a tall boy, eat a artichoke dip, hammer three shots, and a swig a long island. Needless to say, he was pretty wacky by the time I walked out the door to start off the night’s movie marathon. I got a call 20 minutes later, Tim hadn’t stopped drinking, and he had just met BeeBee for the first time in his life. He was stoked, was still drinking, but could barely get the idea across to me so I had to let him go. He stumbled up to the house a little bit later, I helped him get his bike inside, he asked me how he got home, and finally I wrapped a blanket around him as he cuddled his pain away with Gary. I don’t think Gary was too stoked. Then I watched between 3 and 9 movies.

Tuesday I woke up feeling like total shit, made it to work a little late, and clipped the backgrounds out of some photos of exercise equipment. Awesome. I found out our new secretary is into photograhy though. She’s bummed Minolta is on the outs. After the pain of work, I went home, fell asleep watching TNG (a no beard Riker episode, so it didn’t matter), woke up, and hung out with the ex that was my girl when this site started. I.E. forever ago. We had some Stellas, and then I went home and me and Tim watched Wet Hot American Summer. Pretty stoked on the camp experience lately, and I’m super disappointed I never got to go. Imagine my excitement when I found out a new friend had gone eight years in a row. She reported exactly what I wanted to hear: the experience shown in the movies is entirely accurate. Including Meatballs 2.

Tonight, as you all should well know by now, is old dude skate night at Cream City. I’m thinking about making a mind destroying/hype building playlist on my Ipod later, so it’s going to be extra special tonight. And as always, if you’re not coming, your brains, they are manure.

Photo of the day #3

Group photo week continues. Today’s installment was taken at the pre bachelor party get together at Cream City for good ‘ol Big Will. As you should know, Cream City is super close to probably the best strip joint in town, Silk, so it was the perfect place to get together, swig a few Pabsts, and get all kinds of sweaty just for the strippers. You might also notice that there is quite a few rare characters appearing in the photo. Myrak? CURTY? It was like heaven on earth. As for the actual party, we were all feeling Snow White, someone might have been on the stage with “Mrs. Anal 1998”, and Vance and Curty hit it off with some alcohol fueled conversation. Obviously a great time for everyone.