“I Can’t Let My Heaven Walk Away”

So today at work the only thing I’ve listened to has been Stevie Wonder. What can I say? I really like the way the guy thinks. Plus, on the album that has been on rotation is, I believe, Pat Channita’s song from Second Hand Smoke. It’s like a big warm blanket of skateboarding comfort. Or something…

Steve and I have talked about some plans for a redesign. How exciting for everyone out there. I mean, it’s only been two years and running on the one we have going now.

I think it might now be a rule that every update has to have something about Cream City, so what’s new there? Can you say Playboy Pinball, and a pool table? Can’t settle that game of skate? Take it out on the green felt. And that street course?? Whew! As our friend Nelly has been known to say: It’s getting hot in here! Does that make sense? So good!

Lord Cru and I will be available at our usual weekend hotspots tonight. Maybe a pregame of ‘sinthe and Karaoke? It’s been known to happen.

You guys see those new episodes of Trapped in the Closet? Mindblowing!