Wearing santa hat on the regular=Ultimate Troll

I wonder what’s more trolly, wearing a santa hat…or listening to headphones while driving because your tape deck is broken and Terry Gross is starting to make you want to punch babies…

Yesterday I finished up my big paper and treated myself to a late lunch at comet. I like it there, even if they fuck up my order pretty much every time. When I was done with lunch, guess where I went? La Cage…no! Cream City!!!!!!!!!!!

I can safely say that I’m really stoked on what’s going on there. New claim, no? I helped build in my own way, which does not consist of advanced carpentry maneuvers, but rather a whole lot of screwing…uhhhh…There is one obstacle that I wish I could tell you about because it’s so neat it makes me want to buy a Todd Falcon video, but alas, secrets are best served cold…or wait was that revenge? And wasn’t it….forget it.

I say this every year but man, my cousins sure are growing up fast…I mean, the time really slips past these days. Just in case anyone is wondering, my birthday is in January, on a Friday and I like beer from Belgium.