I can’t start another day without you.

I’ve been pushed to update, and I’ve said I can’t because I’m too busy. It should be clear by now that during my busy times, I update to avoid doing my work. I tried to claim that I didn’t have any new photos, but we all know that’s only half true. So, I pulled some out of the archives, and used the few new ones I had, and here’s what I came up with:

Here we have Andrea playing the old leg guitar. Perfect move for any late night dance party.

This is our family. We all live in the same city at the moment, but that’s going to change soon.

There was a bee on my porch.

Speaking of bees, this is the first time that I really hung out with the Beebee. We decided that the paddle board in Josh’s trunk needed to have bite marks covering the entire thing. The next day was Bill and Katie’s wedding, and I got sick in the church.

I like this, and I don’t really know why…