My Sack Looks Like a Mound of Big League Chew

Well, just arrived in the Twin Cities for the top shop contest at an undisclosed location. We were greeted by the skeezers paparazzi screaming, “Noah Stallher, Noah Staller!”. I didn’t realize we were with such a celebrity. I wanted to yell “Skeezers Blows” but I kept my cool and drove off. We checked in at the hotel and took a couple quick pics. Stemper then proceeded with the strategic plan to intimitdate the competion. He paced the lobby for a cool two hours with his Cream City koozie in hand and boldly flashed it around when the competition rolled through. Stemper frequently reloaded the koozie with more ammo, just to go back into the wild hallways of the Holiday Express full of pissed skateboards who had to deal with such a animal like himself. Plans for tomorrow are simple and plain. Stemper gets his run done with, and Noah is still going to try to strech his junior sleeping bag over his nipples for these cold Minnesota nights.